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The 10 Relationship Secrets That Will Change Your Life! April 28 – 30

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Here are some testimonials we’ve received from workshop participants:

“When the dates for the workshop were given to me, I felt the pull to participate, although my participation initially was as an interpreter, I knew it will – as it did! – make a difference in my life and my relationships by participating. I feel blessed and grateful  for the Ten Relationship Secrets, the empowerment obtained thorough the workshop made possible for me a new relationship with myself, my family and friends, my coworkers, students and patients. A relationship in most cases clear as water, light as a feather and deep as the ocean. I am happy, blessed and grateful for doing the workshop. I acknowledge the words of Osho and the loving care of Subhan, his guidance and support, specially his unconditional love towards all the participants.” Tito Rasul Villegas, Medical Surgeon, Ensenada, B.C.

“Each of the workshops I’ve been to [facilitated by Subhan] has dramatically changed my life. The Relationship Secrets have made this world a better place for me and all of my friends and loved ones. Thank you so much for everything Subhan!” Dereque Kelly, Chess Master, Seattle. Washington, U.S.

“The 10 Relationship Secrets workshop is one of the best things I have ever done!” Hanny Rubin, Tel Aviv, Israel.

“The experience was a life changing event for me.  I believe that If you are ready in mind and soul, this workshop can change your life.  I think most important it helps you to improve your relationship with yourself which results in how you can build better relationships with others, spouse, children, parents, friends, coworkers, and others.” Mojgon Nowain, Los Angeles, CA US.

“The workshop for me was to understand myself and to watch my own feelings and emotions all day long. I need catharsis meditation ! Thanks everybody to support us in this great team. Hoping we can meet again sometime in the future! Pita Reyes, English Teacher, Poza Rica, Mexico.

“The workshop helped me to understand and confirm that everything is in the mind and to be more aware of my feelings and it’s ok to feel positive AND negative. Andrea Marcias Silva, Mexico.

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