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Meditations FAQ

Q: What is meditation?

A: The first thing we would like to share is that there is a difference between a meditation technique and the state of meditation. We understand that the state of meditation is the state of relaxation, awareness and self acceptance. Any technique that helps us connect to this experience is a meditation technique. There are hundreds of meditation techniques that share one thing in common: they assist us in opening the door to the state of meditation. For the sake of brevity we call these techniques “meditations.”

Q: What meditations are offered at The World of Meditation Center?

A: We do a wide variety of meditation techniques to suit many different types of people. Our emphasis is on Active Meditations but we also offer passive ones too, for those who are interested in them.

Q: What is the difference between active and passive meditations?

A: Sitting still, watching the breath, thoughts, the wall in front of you – are all traditional passive meditation techniques that were developed by Buddha and other spiritual Masters many centuries ago. The difficulty for most people today is that they want to meditate but simply cannot sit still.

In the 1960’s the Indian mystic Osho began to introduce a variety of ancient and modern meditation techniques which did not require only sitting still. He called these Active Meditations and explained that passive meditations were developed for a totally different type of humanity. In ancient days people were less complicated and more physically active all day long. They were able to release their tensions, anxieties, stress and aggressions by hunting, farming, chopping wood, carrying water, walking, etc. By the evening there was a stillness in their bodies and minds, which made it easier for them to enter into meditation.

In contrast, most people today have become very complicated and are continuously overloaded with information. We tend to sit at desks or in cars for long periods of time and are not physically active. As a result we are unable to release stress, tensions and anxieties. This creates tremendous restlessness, making it difficult for most people to sit still. When we try to sit silently, the mind races and the body wiggles and squirms. Active Meditations are an antidote to this situation. They start with some form of physical activity which helps to release stress and anxiety. This creates space for stillness and silence and allows people to settle within themselves and experience the state of meditation.

Q: How can I find out more about specific Active Meditations?

A: We have descriptions of many of the meditations on this site. To view them click here: The best way to find out about these meditations is to DO them! We offer drop-in meditations regularly Monday through Friday. Please see our calendar: (click here).

Q: Why is meditation so important?

A: Besides lowering stress, it is the one thing that can move us into our inner silence – where we begin to rejuvenate and connect with a vast intelligence and wisdom. Mystics of all the ages have said that we have a thousand ailments and they only have one medicine – Meditation.

Q: What is the cost for a meditation?

A: Each meditation is $10.00 or there are two types of Meditation passes available. One is good for the entire month, and the other can be used for 10 times and is valid for one year. The cost is $60.00.

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