About Us

Welcome to The World of Meditation (WOM)

(An Osho Meditation School)

The World of Meditation is a serene, yet alive and supportive center where we offer a variety of Osho’s (and others’) meditations, as well as workshops, events and classes, to enhance the quality of your life!

This unique center supports you in navigating the challenges of life. It is a life-line for people who are thirsty for deeper harmony, creativity, peace, awareness and joy in their lives. With the support of meditation and insightful workshops and events, it is possible to experience  a transformational taste of the inner being and peace of mind. As soon as you walk into The World of Meditation center, you feel the calm and inviting energy of meditation.

If you want to meditate but can’t sit still – then many of these meditation techniques could be perfect for you.  We offer a variety of active meditations that first release mind/body stress and anxiety making it easier to settle and move inside yourself. We also offer more traditional, passive meditations for those who have an affinity for them.

Each week we offer 4 meditations to help you find inner stillness and silence. Additionally, each month we have a Satsang Meditation, with a delicious veggie potluck, live music, and an Osho video discourse, followed by dancing to live music, as well as meeting and connecting with new and old friends!  We often come together, as fellow travelers on the path of self discovery, in celebration of life’s amazing gifts!

We also offer a variety of workshops, events, and classes, as well as Counseling ,Esogetic Color Therapy and Insight Card Readings to support you as you navigate through the often challenging waters of your day-to-day experiences and connections!