The Directors

Shanti Schenker-Skye

I find meditation to be one of the most important tools on this journey through life! For many years, I lived in India and Japan – invibing the teachings of the East. Since 1973 as a disciple of the Mystic Osho, I have been continually experiencing and teaching both active and passive meditations and workshops in India, Europe, Japan and America.

I am also a certified Esogetic Colorpuncture Practitioner.  Color and Light have amazing qualities: they help heal the body, mind and spirit while at the same time revealing intricate body/mind connections. I personally have found that Esogetic Colorpuncture sessions are also very helpful for deepening meditation.

As my meditation deepened, I began to give In-Sight Card Readings. I find tarot cards to be a helpful tool for myself and others to experience understandings about our current life situations. The insights gained then help us take the next steps into the journey of life.

So I welcome you to The World of Meditation Center! I am grateful that it is a place where people feel comfortable exploring their being through meditations, healing, counseling and workshops.

Subhan Schenker

The “work” I have done on my own path of discovery has taken me all over the globe and goes back over forty years! It started as a lawyer on the East Coast of the US, and became a quest to discover who “I” really am! And it continues on both my personal path, as well as sharing what I have experienced and understood through all these amazing years, with those who are thirsty to discover their own inner nature!

I have been a disciple of the Indian mystic, Osho, since 1979. I lived in India and in other Osho communities for over ten years; and in Japan for five years. These international “flavors” have deeply affected me, have enhanced the quality of my life, and have given me great understanding into the nature of life on this planet, and on how the mind functions and becomes dysfunctional.

I have been traveling worldwide for the past 25 years – facilitating workshops, meditation, counseling and classes in: Europe, Asia, Central America and the US.

I am a certified Washington State counselor, and I offer a variety of counseling  experiences in my private practice. I am also a certified Meditation facilitator, with over forty years of meditation experience. I have received both a Masters and a Doctorate in Meditation from the Osho International Meditation University.

If you would like to explore your true potential, and find ways to invite transformation into your life, I will gladly share my experiences, insights and intuition with you. I look forward to connecting with you!