Finding the Work You Love; Finding the Life You Love; 8-week class at NSC


Date(s) -Wed 04-12-17
Time -7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Location -North Seattle College


Finding the Work You Love; Finding the Life You Love (8-week class at NSC 4/12 – 5/31)

Finding the Work You Love is about finding YOU—your creativity and zest for life! Find what makes your heart sing and build your life around it! This course delves into four explorations: How to discover what fulfills you; How to translate what you enjoy into real-life opportunities. What obstacles stop you from pursuing your dreams? And how do you deal with these obstacles? A $15 materials fee is due to instructor on first day of class.

Wednesdays 7pm–9pm April 12 – May 31 (8 sessions) $145.00

On Campus at North Seattle College: CC Bldg, Room 3357 (Main Campus,)

9600 College Way North Seattle WA 98103A

$15 course materials fee will be due to instructor on first day of class. Spring Quarter

To register online, click HERE.

This class is facilitated by Subhan Schenker, JD, Certified Counselor and Meditation instructor. He teaches workshops and classes internationally.  This course has been held at North Seattle since 1998.

Here are some testimonials about Subhan’s class:

“Subhan’s work was not just informative, but life affirming and motivating. The processes we practiced really helped me get to a place of clarity and confidence. By the end of the course, I had decided to go back to school, which I had been unclear of for a while. I am also more willing to take some risks and try new things that I hadn’t thought of before in the area of making connections.
I would highly recommend his work for anyone unsure of their choice of work, or what direction they are going in. You will not be disappointed.” Nicole Nicolaisen, Seattle, WA.

“I thought the workshop was very helpful for all areas of life not just with one’s career. It helps people step outside of their comfort zone to do some self reflecting and identify the real issue that is keeping them from going after their dreams. I have learned to step outside of my fears….” Vonnetta Ewing, recruiting consultant, Washington, D.C.

“To anyone hesitating about taking this class: I’ve spent the past couple decades of my life searching for a career that best fits me. I’ve read many career books over the years that did very little to help. As most people know, this is frustrating and being in the wrong career is literally detrimental to your health. After running out of options, I decided on a leap of faith and took the “Finding the Work You Love” class. I accomplished more in one weekend with this class than I did in two decades. The instructor, Subhan, combines career discovering strategies that really work with a life-long multidisciplinary experience that most other instructors or career book writers lack. All of the other participants had similar feelings about the class. People spend their money on many things (many that do little for their REAL benefit), but this is one class that will definitely have its return! I highly recommend to anyone the “Finding the Work You Love” class.”
-Jeremy K., Seattle, WA

“My production company had been moderately successful, but was unfulfilling – we were just a gun for hire, moving from job to job. Many friends had recommended Subhan’s Finding the Work You Love, so it seemed like a good place to explore other options. From the very first day, Subhan challenged the fundamental perceptions that I’ve had about work and play. Although it was challenging, Subhan’s experience and compassion provided us all with a safe environment to explore very difficult and personal subjects. Each exercise and discussion provided new ways of focusing on what is really important in both your career and life. By the time we finished, I’d found the solid career direction that I’ve always wanted, and the courage to move my company in that direction.”
Erik Holsinger, Media Production.


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