Gourishankar Meditation the Center


Date(s) -Thu 03-16-17
Time -7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Location -The World of Meditation (Located in a Residential Neighborhood)


Gourishankar Meditation
This meditation consists of four stages of fifteen minutes each: a special breathing technique; gazing at a soft light; Latihan (gentle body movement); and, lying down, watching.

The first two stages are preparation for the spontaneous Latihan (allowing the gentle energies surrounding you to move through you) of the third stage.

If the breathing is done correctly in the first stage, the carbon dioxide formed in the bloodstream will make you feel as high as Gourishankar (Mt. Everest).

“Gourishankar (Mt Everest) represents the highest peak of consciousness. This meditation opens to that space, a space beyond the mind. When you stop thinking for the first time, then the wildness of existence opens its doors, then the unknown opens itself to you.” Osho

Single Meditation $11

Meditation Pass for 10 meditations $70


We are located in a residential neighborhood. Look for the stained-glass butterfly in the window on the top level. There are many parking spaces (at least 9) in the large driveway in front and in front of the raspberry bushes. There is virtually unlimited parking on 35th Ave, NE. Or on 34th Ave NE – but only park on the side of the school – not in front of houses. The neighbor on the north corner of 115th and 35th (same side as the Center) asks that no one parks in front of their house on 115th. Thank you for your consideration.


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