Kundalini Meditation


Date(s) -Thu 06-29-17
Time -5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Location -The World of Meditation (Located in a Residential Neighborhood)


The Kundalini Meditation is an active meditation,  that first helps release the mind/body anxiety and  stress,  creating a space for  relaxation and inner quietness.  It consists of four stages of 15 minutes: 1. loosening the body with gentle shaking, 2. free style dance for moving the body’s energy, 3.  sitting or standing silently with eyes closed and 4. deeply relaxing and letting go.

The music  is specially made for this meditation.  It is available on CD/MP3 and can be purchased through this link.  Osho Kundalini MP3 or Osho Kundalini CD.

Here is a link to watch a demonstration u-tube about the Kundalini Meditation.

The Mystic Osho, who has created this meditation has said: “When you are doing the Chaotic Meditation or the Kundalini or the Nadabrahma, these are not really meditations, you are just getting in tune. If you have seen them, it is like Indian classical musicians playing. For half an hour, or sometimes even more, they simply go on fixing their instruments. They will move the knobs, they will make the strings tight or loose, and the drum player will go on checking his drum – whether it is perfect or not. For half an hour they go on doing this. This is not music, this is just preparation. Active meditation is not really the meditation, it is just preparation. You are preparing your instrument. When it is ready, then you stand in silence. Then meditation starts. Then you are utterly there. You have woken yourself up by jumping, by dancing, by breathing, by shouting — these are all devices to make you a little more alert than you ordinarily are. Once you are alert, then the waiting. Waiting is meditation — waiting with full awareness. And then it comes, it descends on you, it surrounds you, it plays around you, it dances around you, it cleanses you, it purifies you, it transforms you.” Osho.

Please be here on time to meet the other participants and settled in. Instructions will be given in the beginning of the meditation and afterwards there is time for Q & A and a cup of tea!

Single Meditation  $11

Meditation Pass for 10 meditations $70

Kundalini Meditation CD or Download


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