Nataraj (Dance) Meditation


Date(s) -Wed 02-21-18
Time -7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Location -The World of Meditation (Located in a Residential Neighborhood)


The Nataraj Meditation is a mystical, ecstatic dance meditation. There are three stages: 40 minutes of free form dance, 20 minutes of silent sitting, and 5 more minutes of dance – lasting a total of 65 minutes.

Dance is an easy doorway to enter into meditation and has been used in many mystery schools. When the body is moving, thinking can more easily stop as the energy is now moving from the head to the body and from there into a space where the dancer disappears and only the dance remains.

The meditation is one hour, but a few minutes goes to getting acquainted with each other and then giving the  instructions.  Afterwards, let yourself come back into the daily life slowly.  We are available for any questions you might have and welcome you to join us for a cup of tea  if you have the time!

Cost: This money goes towards maintaining the meditation spaces & park-like grounds. $11 per meditation or $7.00 with a 10 meditation pass, which costs $70.00.

The World of Meditation is located in a residential neighborhood. Look for the stained-glass butterfly in the window on the top level.There are many parking spaces (at least 9) in the large driveway, or park in front of the raspberry bushes. There is virtually unlimited parking on 35th Ave, NE, or on 34th Ave NE- but only park on the side of the school – not in front of houses. The neighbor on the corner of 115th and 35th asks that no one parks in front of their houses on 115th – they are located on the same side of the street at the Center is. Thank you for your consideration. It’s also important to park in flow of direction of traffic or you could get ticketed!

Single Meditation $11

Meditation Pass for 10 meditations $70


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