Making Sense of Money: Your Money or Your Life! –

Making Sense of Money: Your Money or Your Life!

Only two things make people unhappy –Not getting what they want…and getting it!

It seems that no matter what side of the “prosperity and success” issue we are on, it’s still a very incomplete, unsatisfying and stressful affair. There is always the elusiveness of the thing we call “happiness”.

And that’s because, like an iceberg, the real issues are 90% below the surface! They are deeply buried in a lifetime of conditioning.

You might say we are marinated in them! So, often in situations where we feel pain over things such as money, the money is simply not the issue!

          In this workshop, we take a real look at money and its relationship to our lives, and move into those concealed layers to discover and experience the deeper, hidden issues, and what keeps us from REAL prosperity, success, and quality in our lives. This is a very significant journey.

No change is possible until we know where we REALLY are, and understand how our conditioning and belief systems function. This workshop’s in-depth penetration allows for self-acceptance and the possibility of transformation.

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