On The Road Workshops with Subhan and Shanti

 For information about any of these workshops, contact us!

Tel: phone: 206-772-8897 email:  info@worldofmeditation.com


Three-Hour Workshops at Yoga to the People:

* March 10th, in New York City: Journey to the Heart 

* March 18th, in Tempe, Arizona 

* March 25th, in San Francisco: Journey to the Heart 


 * The Joy of Worthiness: Transforming the Need for Approval and Acceptance 

March 30th – April 1st, in Ensenada, Baja California: 

(Please call 206-772-8897 if you are interested or email: info@worldomeditation.com   This link will be posted soon.)


* The Awareness Intensive: Uncovering The Real You! 

April 6th – 8th, near San Diego, CA at  

Mission San Luis Rey, 4050 Mission Ave – Oceanside, CA.



Summertime Enlightenment: An Osho Meditation Retreat                        

Aug 31 – Sept 3 Breitenbush Hot Springs, OR




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