Facial Yoga

 Carolyn Facial Fitness – Yoga Exercises for the Face  At the World of Meditation we emphasize how to weave meditation into your daily life.  If you can bring awareness and creativity into everything you do – that can become meditation. So dancing, walking, eating, cleaning, exercising etc has the potential to become part of your meditation experience depending on the quality you bring to each action. 

Carolyn’s Facial Fitness Exercise Program  helps us age gracefully, reduce wrinkles and keeps our skin and facial structure fit.  Carolyn explains simply yet in depth,  how each exercise affects the area of the face and neck that it is designed for.  There is a DVD that shows how to do each of the exercises, and a Pacing CD that guides us through the routine.  There is also a workbook and set of flashcards to assist each of us included in the Full Kit.

Shanti began to do the exercise program around 2001 and has been very pleased with the results.  She continued doing the exercises until last April 2016 when even though the basic program takes 15 minutes only, she was adding more advanced exercises which took more time to learn so she could include them in her routine – at the same time due to a personal situation that she has been attending to that takes at least 18 hours more of her time per week she totally stopped doing facial exercises.  After almost one year, her face began showing that she needed to start again. Even her 98 year old mother told her she must start them again.  So, when Carolyn presented two beginner classes and one advanced class in April,  at the World of Meditation, Shanti took each class to review and begin again her facial fitness exercises. She also figured out how to incorporate the more advanced exercises so she is able to spend just 15 minutes 5 days a week doing them.

Her facial muscles feel like they are rejoicing in her renewed commitment.    She is very grateful that her friend Carolyn designed such a helpful program and has coined the phrase for the program:  ‘Face-lift through Exercise’ and ‘Facial Yoga’!

For Carolyn’s Facial Exercise Program Kits click on the Full Kit and Value Pace Links below.   She also has a  Skin Care Line created from carefully selected non-toxic ingredients.

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