The 10 Relationship Secrets –

The 10 Relationship Secrets –

EVERYONE wants supportive, caring relationships, whether it is with parents, or siblings, or significant others, or children, or friends, or co-workers, or even bosses! But there seem to be many barriers that can make these relationships difficult and unsatisfying!

This workshop, will give you a totally new look at how relations are often built upon misunderstandings and false assumptions. We will explore and experience how the patterns, beliefs and strategies that each of us has developed to deal with relationships often create more problems than they solve – and why that is so! And we will learn how they can be effectively transformed!

We call these deeply insightful understandings “secrets” because, for most of us, they have been hidden from us, and have not been available to us.

You will be able to instantly use these insights to create the supportive, caring relationships that you want and need! You will have a weekend full of processes, tools and new approaches that will give you DIRECT EXPERIENCES to enhance the quality of your life and support authentic connection with others – and with yourself as well!

Come join us and satisfy the longing for fulfilling connections with the important people in your life!

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