The Awareness Intensive – Uncovering the REAL YOU! April 6 – 8, Oceanside, CA

The Awareness Intensive –

 Uncovering the REAL YOU!

April 6 – 8, 2018

Times: Fri 7:00pm to Sunday 5:00pm

 Hosted by Osho Niranjana Meditation Center in Oceanside, California

The Awareness Intensive is a profound process. It is offered internationally, and is based on the use of a Zen “Koan” or question, that provokes you into finding the truth of who you are within yourself!  It is an insightful inquiry, beyond the pretensions and superficiality of the mind, into your true nature. You can explore a deeper connection with yourself – behind who you think you are; behind the personality; behind the masks and roles; behind what others think of you. And the result is a strong rootedness within yourself, with greater clarity about your life and deeper layers of awareness, joy, and intelligence!

This process sharpens awareness, breaks through barriers that hide creativity and joy, and opens you up to new understandings about yourself and others in your life.

This is a residential-only workshop.

The Facilitators: Shanti Schenker-Skye has participated & led Awareness Intensives since 1974.  She co-directs the Osho World of Meditation Center in Seattle with Subhan, and facilitates meditation classes, events and workshops internationally. She was designated as a Sambodhi and Siddha by Osho in 1984, and received a Masters of Mediation from the Osho International Mediation University.

Subhan Schenker an Osho disciple since 1979 has facilitated The Awareness Intensive and other human potential programs worldwide, in Europe, Asia, Mexico and the U.S. for 38 years. He is both a certified counselor and a certified meditation facilitator. He received the titles of Mahasattva and Siddha from Osho in 1984, and received both a Masters and a Doctorate in Meditation from the Osho International Meditation University.  Subhan was a successful lawyer who left his profession to follow his heart in 1979!

Cost: The total cost for the workshop, including room for two nights and 6 meals is $349.00.  The break down of the cost is:  The meditation retreat is $149.  The cost of room and board at Mission San Luis Rey is $100.00 per person per night in a two -bed room which also includes 3 meals. Single rooms are also available at discounted rates. We have booked limited rooms there so please let us know as soon as you can.

Osho Niranjana is hosting this workshop in Oceanside, Ca at the Mission San Luis Rey, 4050 Mission Ave – Oceanside, CA.

For more information and questions please write to: Amritanand at:

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Click here to get details about this event from the Osho Niranjana Meetup. 


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