At birth, we become involved in relationships. First there are the caretakers, then the family. And soon it branches out to others outside the family, to friends and acquaintances. And then, later, to classmates, significant others, co-workers and bosses! And all the while we THINK we KNOW about relationships and how to deal with them! Except…we DON’T! We try desperately to figure them out, but they always seem to be more complicated than they SHOULD be! That is because we attempt to relate with one another based upon what we learned from others. And this often spells disaster! We need to come back to ourselves and explore what we have learned and how that has created the difficulties we experience. We need to also see what limitations we have placed on our relating that constantly bring up issues that don’t seem resolvable. There is much hidden in our unconscious mind that makes any inquiry an awakening AND an adventure! You’ll find more help for this inquiry HERE.



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