At The World of Meditation Center we introduce a variety of active and passive meditation techniques from different traditions.  If you want to meditate but can’t sit still – then many of these meditation techniques might be perfect for you.  The active meditations help to  first release mind/body stress and anxiety making it easier to settle and move inside yourself.

For us we have found that the Active Meditations techniques have been the key to unburdening our stresses and anxieties, so that we could begin to relax, and open to and connect with our vast potential.  Over time, through our practice we are now able  to “watch”  and get more of a distance from our chattering mind of thoughts and  the rolling stream of emotions. And a deep acceptance of ourselves arises.

We created this Meditation Center to introduce the variety of meditations that have been so helpful for us.

We have scheduled four days of meditations each week.  We always give instructions and leave ample time for any questions that might arise.

Each month we offer a beginner meditation class and an intermediate meditation class.  We also offer a potpourri of meditations so you can experience which meditations are most suitable for you.  The meditations descriptions, times and dates are described under Meditations on our website.

The Meditations offered can be active, passive or a mixture of both. During the late spring and summer months, we often meditate in the front outdoor garden or in nature surroundings at the waterfall and creek behind the center.

Monday Nights – The Sacred Sharing Circle – 7 PM to 9 PM

The Sacred Sharing Circle offers everyone a safe,  non-confronting place to share anything they would like, about their lives and their feelings.  Sometimes we simply want to talk and express ourselves and to be heard and seen – but there is no one there to truly listen, without judgments or interruptions. Sometimes we find ourselves in confusion or complicated situations and we never really take time to let the confusion be expressed out loud. The Sacred Sharing Circle offers a safe, confidential, supportive space for us to speak honestly and to be heard!

Another benefit of the Sacred Sharing Circle is to practice the art of deep listening.  One person speaks for 10 to 15 minutes and everyone else just listens. There is no giving agreement to what is spoken, and no interrupting the person – it is just giving full attention to the person speaking.

After a person finishes the sharing, if they want they can have 5 minutes of feed-back from the participants.  The feed back always acknowledges what the person said, without judgment.

The Sacred Sharing Circle is leaderless & all discussion is confidential.  We offer this on our schedule because we find it to be of great value in: learning how to express ourselves with more honesty;  in connecting with a deeper part of who we are; and in learning how to listen without responding – just listening! This practice is extremely helpful in our day-to-day life.

Wednesday Evening Meditations from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm : On the first Wednesday of the month  we offer a Beginner Meditation Class.  On the second Wednesday of the month we offer an Intermediate Meditation Class. The other Wednesdays of the month we present a variety of different meditation techniques, which you can read about before attending.   We always give instructions about the meditation and take time before and after to answer questions and have a cup of tea together.  Please see our Meditation Schedule.  

Thursday Nights – 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm   Every Thursdays we offer The Kundalini Meditation.   We always give instructions about the meditation and take time before and after to answer questions and have a cup of tea together.  To Read about The Kundalini Meditation, please see our Meditation Schedule.

Saturday Mornings – Dynamic Meditation – 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Dynamic Meditation is a highly active and energizing meditation that opens breathing, body, and inner energies, followed by witnessing and dancing. It lasts for one hour and has five stages. All are welcome to experience this trans formative meditation! To read more about it click here.