We provide healing sessions at the Center.

Shanti Schenker-Skye is a Certified Esogetic Colorpuncture Practitioner. She has studied the effects of color and light for over 15 years and has given sessions worldwide – in America, Germany, Japan and India. She was first drawn to Esogetic Colorpuncture to help deepen her meditation. She soon discovered that color and light not only expand consciousness, but also create a space for deep healing to take place in the body, mind, emotions and psyche. The profound depths of this amazing multidimensional healing modality continues to leave her in awe. She incorporates the use of the Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis System to assist her in diagnostic assessment. As a healer, Shanti also understands the medicinal value of meditation, and is a skilled Certified Active Meditation Instructor. Active Meditations first release mind/body tension, anxiety and stress, which then create a space for relaxation, clarity and silence. Shanti has lived, studied, practiced and taught in India, Japan, Europe and the US. While living in the Far East for many years, she invibed its wisdom and mysteries, which she now incorporates in each session.

For more information or to book a session, contact Shanti at shanti@worldofmeditation.com or call her at 206-772-8897. The initial two-hour session includes an in-depth interview, two Kirlian Photographs, and an Esogetic Colorpuncture Treatment. The cost for the first session is $85.00. Subsequent sessions, lasting one to one and half- hours are $75.00.

What is Color and Light Therapy?

It is a healing modality that uses the frequency information emanating from the rays of color and light for treating the body, mind, emotions, psyche, heart and soul. In ancient days healers used the medicinal properties of color and light extensively, but over time the knowledge disappeared. Now scientists, researchers and healers are re-discovering and understanding from cutting edge scientific research just how powerful and effective these wondrous healing properties really are.

What is Esogetic Colorpuncture?

It is an advanced and rapidly evolving medicine of light system. Esogetic Colorpuncture combines Western discoveries of color and photon (light) biophysics, with the energetic understandings of Chinese medicine, and with certain ancient esoteric spiritual principles. Dr. Peter Mandel, a German naturopath, scientist and acupuncturist, has developed this system. He works very closely with Fritz Popp, a German scientist who won a noble prize for his discoveries about photon (light) biophysics. The Esogetic Medicine approach (which includes Esogetic Colorpuncture) has proven to be so effective that it is covered by health insurance in Germany and several other European countries.

How Does Esogetic Colorpuncture Work?

Fritz Popp, the leading scientist and researcher in the field of light biophysics discovered that light is radiating from each cell as a form of inter-cellular communication, and that disease occurs from the breakdown of this communication. Esogetic Colorpuncture restores the cellular interaction by using acupuncture points and meridians, found on the surface of the skin, to transmit color and light throughout the body. Russian scientists have found that the acupuncture points and meridians are map ways, through which the healing information of color and light can be received. The colors are applied through crystal glass tips that are put in a specially designed precision light pen. Each color of light sends a different vibration and is chosen for use depending on the intention of the treatment.

Kirlian Photography

At the beginning and end of each session a Kirlian Photograph is taken of the energetic radiation emitted from the fingers and toes. These are the areas where the acupuncture meridians begin and end. From the picture specific energetic phenomena is revealed, which helps diagnostically to determine the appropriate treatment protocol. Many Colorpuncture treatments are designed to address the particular signs in the photos. The ‘before’ photograph provides an energetic diagnostic tool for treatment. The ‘after’ photograph shows the effect of the treatment. In this way, immediate feedback on the progress of the color therapy can be seen.

What Happens in a Session?

In the first session there will be an in-depth interview inquiring about present and previous health and emotional issues. A Kirlian Photograph will be taken for diagnostic assessment before and after each session. The client will then lie on a massage table and the treatment will begin. The types of treatments given are based on the interview and the Kirlian Photograph. Depending on the intention of the treatment, different colors will be applied non-invasively with the crystal glass tips on the appropriate acupuncture points and meridians. Each person responds uniquely to Esogetic Colorpuncture. Many people experience deep relaxation and a feeling of expansiveness. After one or more sessions, some people begin to understand and make more positive shifts in their individual direction and life-styles. Because color and light are not matter, they are able to penetrate into the cellular level and pass through blockages in the body. Light and color also affect and balance the subtler energy fields surrounding the body. Physical symptoms are addressed with the understanding that illness and pains in the body may be signs of deeper disharmonies in the psyche and spirit. Light and color not only restore proper cellular communication, but also have a unique capacity to reveal the connections between the body and mind.

Types of Treatments (Both Physical and Psycho-Spiritual)

There are numerous treatments that address a large variety of body symptoms such as for:

  • Pain in the joints, muscles, neck, shoulder and back.
  • Congestion and Lymph blockages the lungs, sinuses, head and belly.
  • Headaches, migraines, insomnia, anxiety, depression,
  • Chronic stress and fatigue,
  • Menstrual problems, PMS, menopause,
  • Digestive and Urinary disorders,
  • Constipation, diarrhea,
  • Frequent colds, low immunity,
  • Injury and surgery rehabilitation,
  • Eye, ear and throat disorders,
  • De-stressing the nervous system, spine, back and jaw,
  • Supporting and toning the organ system,
  • Psychosomatic symptoms,
  • Detoxifying the body,
  • Balancing and regulating the hormonal system,
  • Deep tension,
  • And a variety of other ailments.

There are many Esogetic Colorpuncture treatments to help release old unconscious emotional and psychological patterns which may be at the root of the energetic imbalances and ill health. There are also treatments designed to help you connect with your individual consciousness, potentiality, personal insights and wisdom. Some of these treatments address such issues as:

  • Fear and Terror,
  • Father and Mother influences and conditioning,
  • Recognizing and beginning to live one’s own unique calling and path,
  • Prenatal and Bardo experiences and traumas;
  • Conflict Resolution,
  • Balancing Male/Female Energies,
  • Chakra Opening; Dream Stimulation; Melancholic Patterns,
  • Unhooking from destructive relationships and situation,
  • Transmitter Relay Treatments that help decode and release rigid patterns, beliefs and attitudes,
  • Soul/Spirit Issues; Deepening of Meditation.