In-Sight Card Reading

An Insight card reading will help you gain understanding and clarity about issues that you encounter in your journey through life. Readings can also be done just for the sheer joy of seeing what the cards will say in this moment. They hold a message for you that will help deepen awareness and enrich the quality of your life. The future is always born out of this present moment. So, understanding what is happening within and around you right now will help you move into that future with greater wisdom and insight. Insight card readings assist you with any issues or uncertainties you would like to address, such as:

  • Relationships
  • Work related matters
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Fears and Anxieties
  • Sadness and Depression
  • Decision-making
  • Feeling more relaxed in your life
  • Finding joy in life

We specialize in the Osho Zen Tarot, the Osho Transformational Tarot & the Tao Oracle (I Ching) decks.

Shanti’s Readings

I have found the Tarot Cards to be of great assistance for gaining clarity and understanding. The ability to read the tarot came to me as my meditation deepened. Whenever I give a reading, I first listen carefully to what is asked, then the cards are drawn. . Though cards have been used to peer into the future, I find it important to look at what is happening in the present moment of time. When an understanding of the now is gained, the future is then affected. So, by examining what is happening within and around you right now will help you to move into the future with greater wisdom and ease. I invite you to come and experience the insights the cards have to offer. Each card holds a message that can help deepen awareness and enrich the quality of life. I have lived in India and Japan for many years, and have studied with the mystic Osho since 1973. Under his guidance my meditation and silence has deepen. It is from this silent space that my intuitive tarot and energy readings arise.

Subhan’s Readings

As a certified counselor, specializing in relationship, family, career and decision-making,  I saw the benefit of using the Osho Zen Tarot deck in my practice, upon request of my clients.  The Osho deck is no ordinary deck. It is not geared to predict the future, but rather to help you understand the PRESENT and its implications for the future. It contains cards that mirror our daily situations which create a wide range of experiences and emotions, including  joy, love, pain, anxiety and confusion! And, in the over twenty years I have used this deck, it has repeatedly shown me that it has an amazing intuitive depth and reaches into the heart of the issues that each person faces. Many people come to me wanting to know their future. It is very human to want to know this. However, it is my strong experience that a card reading solely about the future will not give you more awareness and understanding about how to deal with that future. It is essential to understand that our lives unfold on Planet Earth as a result of what we are doing this present moment. Said another way: the future is born out of this moment. So the future is always open-ended and is dependent upon how much awareness and understanding we have – right now – and what stops us from accessing them. If we are unconscious and unclear about what is affecting us RIGHT NOW, then we will carry this lack of clarity and confusion into the future, which will then STILL be full of un-clarity and confusion! Without addressing our present unconsciousness, our future will be the result of that unconsciousness! If you want your future to be more fulfilling, more centered, more relaxed and satisfying, it is important to become aware of two areas of your life. The first are the things that visibly affect your life right now. The second are the things you do not know about that are controlling much of what you are doing! So, the best way to deal with the future is to become aware of what is happening RIGHT NOW and bring more understanding into this moment. Once this happens, you will be more alert, ready and available for the next moment. With the Osho deck, I will assist you in uncovering and understanding these visible and not-so-visible things. This will be a tremendously valuable tool to deal with whatever you are facing now and to help you move more comfortably and with more clarity into the future! I invite you to join me in this great adventure!