Public Speaking Engagements

Subhan Schenker is an experienced Public Speaker, having given speeches, lectures, classes and workshops to thousands of people for over thirty years. He is able to speak on a variety of topics, including:

Relationships and the multitude of issues that come from them.

Careers : Finding the Work You Love, Finding the Life You Love – which includes how to find your passions and interests, how to implement them in the marketplace, how to discover resources, and how to deal with obstacles that stand in your way (which include hidden beliefs, concepts and judgments).

War and Peace – what causes war and how to lay the groundwork for real peace.

Success and Prosperity – What are these things and how can we bring them into our daily lives?

Meditation – All the “whats, whys, wheres, whens and hows” of meditation, including introducing experiences of it!

Counseling: many different topics, including: inner conflict, decision-making, judgments, addiction and habituation, dealing with emotions such as anger, sadness and depression, and many more.

Relaxation – what it is and how to bring more of it into our lives.

Anger Management – How to effectively deal with the feelings of anger, frustration and rage.

Communication – what it is and how to bring it more effectively into our lives. He also talks about the significant area of criticism, both from others and from within ourselves.

Family and other Systemic Constellation work – introducing people to this insightful and effective work that helps resolve a multitude of difficulties in any systemic environment – from the family, to the workplace, to within ourselves!

Law – Subhan is an inactive member of the Maryland State Legal Bar. He was a criminal attorney in Baltimore, Maryland for seven years, and practiced law for over 17 years. As a result he can draw from extensive experience in several areas of law to speak on a variety of legal topics and their impact on today’s society.

Business –  Subhan has started and operated several successful businesses and can use these experiences to relate what is needed to start and maintain a successful business. Because of Subhan’s extensive experience with meditation, he is able to talk about all of the areas noted above not only in terms of the practical, marketplace day-to-day world, but also in the context of spirituality and self-realization. With his rich life experiences in a wide variety of areas, Subhan is available to create with you an enlightening, entertaining program for your organization or business on virtually any topic!

You can reach him at 206-772-8897, or email him at