Workshops and Events

Each workshop that we offer at the World of Meditation has been created to support new understandings about ourselves and the world we live in. Each is designed to give us direct experiences that will enhance the quality of our lives, and assist us in transforming the difficulties that we often face, into opportunities to find deeper, richer insights and awareness. This will allow us to thrive in life, not just survive.

These workshops are built around issues in our lives that have “charges” and difficulties inherent in them, that may produce confusion, indecision, tension, worry, fear, anger and sadness, and misunderstanding. These issues include: relationships (including the family, friends, co-workers and bosses, and other significant people in our lives), our work/career, the Mind and its functions, Worthiness, Money and Success, and Resistance and the Flow of Life.

Each workshop will support you in your inquiry into your life and support and assist you on the path that you are traveling!

Please visit the Workshop Schedule to check which workshops are currently on our Center’s schedule and are coming up soon; and visit our Workshops page to read about the workshops we offer annually at the Center. For information on our workshop cancellation policy, click here.

We also offer workshops outside of the World of Meditation Center, in places like New York City, San Francisco, Tempe Az, several locations in Mexico, as well as Europe.  Check out our Out-Of- Center Workshop Schedule,    and join us for a great adventure.


Through-out the year we offer Special events and Retreat workshops that are centered around unique meditation processes and experiences. These include Meditation Retreats, The Awareness Intensive, The Mystic Rose; and a week-long evening experience of the Darkness meditation and the No Mind/ Gibberish meditation. In addition, on New Year’s Day Eve, we have the annual Laughter meditation which is sure to tickle your funny bone!

Every month, there is a  Satsang Meditation  that includes a potluck meal, live music meditation and dancing, and a video discourse from the India mystic, Osho. To find out when the next Satsang will be, click HERE!

And, occasionally we meet for other celebrations that include: a Thanksgiving Meditation and Potluck, New Year’s Eve Celebration, Memorial Services for beloved deceased members of the community, and others. To find out more about these events, please visit the Events Schedule page.

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