Worthiness: Lost…and Found –

Worthiness: Lost…and Found

Isn’t it true that, for as long as we can remember, we have tried to be worthy? Worthy of love, worthy of respect and      praise, worthy of acceptance.

We have created many strategies to gain this worthiness and have invested time, money and energy to get positive  feedback and approval to have this feeling of worthiness.

So isn’t it strange that after all these years of trying, we are STILL pursuing worthiness much of the time? We have said and done things that went against our grain just to get this acceptance. Still, we have never arrived at this magical place called…WORTHINESS!

This workshop will give you DIRECT experiences, insights and understandings that can profoundly change your life – including the way that you feel about yourself, and the way you deal with others.  The weekend is a rich inquiry and exploration into the nature, source and content of both worthiness and unworthiness.

It will invite you to experience a personal transformation where you no longer have to look to others for your self-worth. And THAT is priceless! Come join us for this adventure into the heart and soul of worthiness!

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