Welcome to the Osho World of Meditation!

                                                                                                                                                                                      At the Center in Seattle, we offer a large variety of Osho’s (and other) meditations, to help support you with the challenges in life! Each week, we have four meditations to help you find the inner silence and stillness. Each month we have a Satsang meditation, with a delicious veggie potluck, live music, and an Osho video discourse.  We often come together, as fellow travelers on the path of self discovery, in celebration of life’s amazing gifts! And, we offer a variety of workshops, events, and classes (see below), as well as Counseling and Esogetic Color Therapy, to support you, as you navigate through the often challenging waters of life! (If you’d like to purchase a meditation pass, click HERE for information!)


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Upcoming Events

The Osho World of Meditation is pleased to offer you a cornucopia of events, meditations, classes and workshops to support you on the path of discovery and inner flowering. Check out our latest offerings here or on our calendar!

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